Why Aren’t We There?

Some years back I had the chance to meet the great test pilot, Scott Crossfield.

Scott asked me a question that floored me. Here is a living icon, one of the guys who had “been there and done that,” and in his eighties, Scotty was still looking forward, promoting the dream.

When I asked him about flying the Douglas Skyrocket, he smiled at me and said, “Everyone wants to know about the old days. No one ever asks about the future. Why aren’t we on Mars?”

Well, why aren’t we on Mars?

I don’t know, Scotty, but this one’s for you, and all the rest of you who keep on dreaming. Just follow the link.




May 1, 2014 · 9:32 pm

2 responses to “Why Aren’t We There?

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  2. Crossfield has to be one of the greatest pilots! Up there with Yeager. As to why we’re not up there? I don’t know either. I guess the world lost the dream. Reminds me of the ending to the ‘Right Stuff’ – dramatised and conflated, sure, but making the point: as the Mercury astronauts were being feted at a Vice-Presidential barbecue, Yeager was out there in the NF104, still pushing the envelope – and surviving that flat spin and 16-mile plunge. Right now, when it comes to space dreams, just about everybody’s at that barbecue.

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