Finally – A Snowball’s Chance

Yesterday, January 16, 2017, I finally sent A Snowball’s Chance to Kindle as an ebook. My very first sale of the book followed — to some wonderfully perspicacious reader in the United Kingdom! Say, partner, stay tuned, ’cause the Davis boys are coming to England soon, courtesy of the 8th Air Force!

Today I noticed five copies of Snowball sold. It’s a good start. Further, I finished formatting and reviewing the paperback version of Snowball, which will be available from CreateSpace and Kindle within the next two weeks.

So, now, I’m dusting off Boxcar Red Leader, which needs a few tweaks and revisions, and prepping that one for sale as well. The spoiler-free teaser for Boxcar is that it portrays the pilots flying P-39 Airacobras against the Japanese during May and June, 1942. Charlie Davis and his crew will make an appearance, and so will the 22nd Bomb Group, at that time flying B-26 Marauders.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!





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6 responses to “Finally – A Snowball’s Chance

  1. Excellent news and all best wishes for every success. I’ll be buying both at first opportunity!

  2. Kevin Farrington

    I have enjoyed both ‘Everything We Had’, and ‘Boxcar Red Leader’, but am a bit frustrated at being unable to connect the stories with the middle piece, ‘A Snowball’s Chance’. I do not have a Kindle device and having read the above blog entry, I have hopes that you may release it in paperback? Is there any progress to report on this possibility?
    Thank you for your work,
    best regards,

    • PS to my earlier reply. Please, please spread the word to any like-minded friends about my work! Also, if you would please consider leaving a review on Amazon, that would truly be helpful. Thanks again!

  3. Kevin Farrington

    A follow up to my post above…I discovered the ability to order from Create Space and have today ordered the missing link in my collection!
    I am eagerly awaiting your subsequent episodes.
    As an addendum, I am also a retired pilot, helicopters in my case, both military, (Vietnam 1970-71), and civil, (EMS most recently). I accumulated in excess of 24, 300 flight hours and have a secret passion for aviation historical fiction. I am also interested in the early days of WW2 where the odds were very different than those of the later years of that conflict. I have been very pleased to discover your voice and perspective, and would like to encourage you to continue the Davis saga to it’s eventual conclusion.
    Your work is a hidden gem in a world seemingly indifferent to history, and humankind.
    best regards,

    • Hi, Kevin,

      First, I’m delighted you were able to find A Snowball’s Chance. I’ll have to check the way that’s displayed on my Amazon page.

      Second, I started this work as an homage to those guys out in the Pacific in the beginning of the war. To find a reader who understands that, and why we need to remember that time, well, at least in large part that’s why I write! So thank you for recognizing that. FYI, I’m working on the fourth book in the series, Thanks for the Memories, still set in the Pacific, with mostly the same characters. After that, the narrative moves to Europe. Don’t know how much I should say about who and what…don’t like spoilers! Ultimately there will be at least nine total books in the series, but I hope you’ll be patient … quality takes time, and I want to continue to deliver that.

      I have friends who served in Vietnam, including one, Bob Beale, who was over in, I think, 72-73. He was a helicopter pilot as well. As for EMS choppers, you folks who do that work are fabulous.

      Anyway, thanks again and stay tuned! If you’re ever in the Hickory, NC, area let me know. I’ll be happy to autograph your books if you like.

      Best regards,

      Tom Burkhalter

      • Kevin Farrington

        Thank you for the kindness of your reply. I will indeed be with you for the rest of the ride. I have always had a special affinity for the 8th AF B-17 crews over the ETO as well. I agree…no spoilers..they only spoil the pleasure of the journey!
        stay safe,

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