Somewhere in England…

I believe I must have a very serious fan, which makes me humble and grateful, for the following reasons.

Those who follow my blog (and thank you for your discerning wit and good sense in doing so!) know my last entry was on November 11, 2017. Last November I was engaged in the National Novel Writers Month contest, wherein I generated enough material to finish my latest novel, Thanks for the Memories, and start writing the next novel in the series, The New Kids.

So between then and now I finished Thanks for the Memories: a Novel of the SW Pacific Air War July-September 1942, a task that turned out to be harder than I expected, although I don’t know why I expect it to be easy. It never has been.

So when I published the work on Kindle last Monday evening I was surprised and gratified to see, the next morning, that it already had a sale! Then I looked at the market and found that first sale went to someone in England.

I like to think that, somewhere in England, someone was just waiting for my next novel to come out, and gleefully snapped it up the moment it appeared. Or, maybe, with morning tea/coffee, they were looking for a book to read, and there I was.

Either way, I’d like to thank that wonderful person, and hope someday to shake them by the hand and thank them face to face.

Oh, by the way, for my fans in England, the war as experienced by Jack and Charlie Davis will move to England within the next few books. But no more hints! I’m working diligently but it does take time to produce a good product.

Hopefully any of my readers who see this will reply, and even leave a review on Amazon!



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9 responses to “Somewhere in England…

  1. Rob McPherson

    Hi Tom – Glad to ‘read’ you back in action, and congrats on finishing your novel. I am now well into the first of the four now in print, very well written and a great read.

    Best wishes to your English fan too.

    Cheers and take good care.


  2. My next book will be science fiction, and I hope it will be “hard” SF. Title for now is The Voyage of the Starship Grissom. Haven’t thought up one of those three-line descriptions of the story yet, but the USS Virgil I. Grissom will be the second starship to leave our Solar System. Anyway, I’m asking if you like SF because that’s my next project. I’m looking forward to it — bit of a break from World War II, even though I’m not done with my characters and that war by a long shot. Got a lot more research to do before I can start writing more than the preliminary draft (“Hm, how do these characters actually work together?”) I did for NaNoWriMo 2013.

    • Rob McPherson

      Hey Tom,

      The second starship to leave the Solar System sounds like a great idea – I won’t ask what happened to the first. And I like the use of Gus Grissom’s name too; he’s certainly owed a tribute or two more; very brave man, very sad end of first flight experience and death.

      I’m a big fan of speculative science fiction, based on hard science, like Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 series, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red, Green and Blue Mars series, Pournelle and Niven’s Lucifer’s Hammer and movies like Contact, Interstellar, Arrival, etc. I read a fair bit of science too, both particle physics and astrophysics. I don’t understand it all perfectly, but love to stretch my brain and think about how little we really understand of ‘reality’.

      Best of luck with it; looking forward to reading it someday. I’ll be purchasing book 4 in the SW Pacific air war series in the meantime.

      Travel safe and talk again soon.



  3. Rob McPherson

    Hi Tom,

    It’s Rob again. I just finished ‘Everything We Had” and it was a terrific read, It was very well researched and written – as authentic as any fictional work on the subject could be in my opinion. You sure know your avionics. I have the next two in the series on my bookshelf and am looking forward to the continuing saga of Charlie and Jack.
    Well done my friend!



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