Writing, Dreaming, Living, Aspiring

A title says what the post is about and the one above is no exception.  I’ve been doing all of those for a long time.

Since this is my first post I’ll keep it brief.

I started writing when I was 14 and I’m still at it.  Mostly what this blog will be about are what I’ve learned over the years about those four words in the title.

And after all that time I’m about to finish a novel titled Boxcar Red Leader.  I hope to have that in shape to publish as an ebook early this summer.  So that’s one aspiration!

As I learn things about publishing I’ll put them in this blog.  I believe that, due to the advent of digital publishing, we are in the midst of a revolution unlike anything since Gutenberg invented the printing press, and possibly even more far-reaching than that.

As I learn things about people and other writers with useful ideas they’ll be in this blog too.  Just be warned, sometimes I’ll think people have “useful ideas” just because I think they sound good.  Need I warn you to think for yourself?  If I have to, would you?

Regardless, keep writing, keep dreaming!



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