THE NEW KIDS is Live on Kindle!

This is just a quick notice that the fifth novel in my “No Merciful War” sries, The New Kids, is now live and available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle!

More later, have to run errands this morning, and only put it up late yesterday. I still have some dress-up work to do, but it’s available.


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5 responses to “THE NEW KIDS is Live on Kindle!


    Is a print copy available?

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  2. Lance Jones

    I really enjoy your series. I just finished the New Kids and wonder when we’ll hear about then again?

    • Hi, Lance! Glad you enjoyed The New Kids. I’m working on the seventh novel right now, and while it’s mostly about Charlie Davis going to the 8th AF, we’ll see a bit of Jack, Joe, Irina, and Glory. We’ll see more in the eighth novel! Thanks for reading. Tom Burkhalter

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